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Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium, Writer
Modern Energist. 
Member of The Guild of Energists.

Barbara Burgess is a Psychic Medium, Writer, Poet, Healer, Animal and Nature Communicator and Modern Energist.

Barbara's parents are psychic as are her paternal Grandparents. Her Granddad gave tea leaf readings while her Grandma gave future predictions.

Barbara is an accomplished Angel card reader, tea leaf reader, psychometrist, past life specialist, animal communicator and healer.

Barbara offers readings on any subject. No subject is out of bounds here. No problem or question too great or too small.

Subjects such as love, all kinds of relationships, money, work, business, employment, home-life, work-life, family-life, can be dealt with here.

Barbara endeavours to give each client a clear and detailed reading of help and guidance so that they go away feeling happy and satisfied.

Barbara offers email readings. Your reading will be typed out onto a Word file and sent to your email address.

Modern Energy Therapies are also offered.

Tell Readings

Symbol Readings

Barbara can also offer you help as a writer.

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