Future and

Life Path Readings

"Thank you that’s a brilliant reading!" - 3 card Life Path and Future Reading.

For your Future and Life Path Reading I will use the amazing cards by Sandra Anne Taylor - The Quantum Oracle.

The Quantum Oracle can reveal the alignment of present energy, Universal influences and future possibilities in your life and the situations around you that you ask questions about.

Readings are as follows:

3 cards - Past influences, present circumstances, future potential.

7 cards - Similar to above but in much more detail.

9 cards - A more extensive Reading.

9 card Energy Circle Reading - This type of reading can answer specific questions, especially if you are seeking an outcome. Sometimes 18 cards are used if the outcome is not made that clear. Life has many possibilites and as we look at these then we can create our own future.

18 cards - The Road - A life Path Reading. Your present life and moving forward into the future with all its possibilites.

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