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Success/Dream Come True Reading

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Success/Dream Come True Email Psychic Reading

This reading is for anyone who has a dream or an ambition they want to come true. A dream they want to manifest. Or for someone who is struggling with being successful at something.

You may be starting a new business or you may have just started one.

You may be unsuccessful time and again with marriage or career or family or your home.

When you choose this type of reading please only have ONE dream, ambition, success idea in mind.

For your reading I will choose the following cards:

Your Success Card

Your Reading Card

I will then ask the cards the following questions and bring you detailed answers.

1 - What does the Divine want me to know about myself right now?

2 - How am I getting in my own way and resisting my successes and my dreams?

3 - What divine gifts do I currently have that I am not using that will help me to get where I want to go?

4 - What is the next step that I should take towards my dream/success/ambition?

5 - What else does the Divine want me to know right now?

Your reading will be typed out on a Word document and sent to your email address for you to look at as often as you wish.

Please fill out the form with your question about your dream, your ambition, what you wish to be successful at. Thank you.

Success/Dream Come True Email Psychic Reading


Success/Dream Come True Reading

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