Meet Barbara Burgess


Barbara is a psychic medium, writer and modern energist. 

She sees herself as a wayseer. That is someone who helps and guides another. 

With her psychic readings, mediumship and animal communication, Barbara has helped many people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

Barbara began writing at about age ten or maybe less and had poems published in local newspapers from about that age.

Barbara has two songs that have done well in the UK Songwriting contest and international contest. Both songs gaining 4 stars and commended for the lyrics and three stars for the lyrics and melody. This is quite an accomplishment as thousands of talented songwriters enter the competition each year. 

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Barbara Burgess - Writer

Barbara has written a number of books that are available on Amazon.

On the left are two pictures of her latest poetry books.

Barbara writes novels, self-help books, poetry and short stories.

Barbara is a member of The Guild of Energists.

Barbara also dabbles in psychic art. 


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