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Detailed Psychic Email Reading




Seeking help, guidance, or reassurance?

Got a pressing question?

A Psychic Email Reading from me, Barbara Burgess, is the perfect way to get direction on any area of your life.

We do not need to be in the same room together in order for you to receive the best email reading from me.

I can tune into anyone, anywhere in the world.

I have been giving readings to people from all over the world for over forty five years now. Australia, USA, Wales, Ireland, China, Japan and many other countries.

An email reading is perfect for you because you can keep it forever and go over it as often as you wish.

Many people have said they gain great comfort from looking at the readings I have given them again.

I will type your reading on a Word doc and send the file to your email address.

No question is too large, too small or too insignificant.

All readings are given in a true, honest down-to-earth fashion with empathy and integrity.

I use Angel cards  and tune into spirit and guides in order to help you.

No subject is out of bounds.

You can email me a message using the form below or use this email address:


Detailed Psychic Reading Emailed £120

"Thank you for your very helpful reading. It's been a huge help to me! I had no idea about this and this completely turned my world around! "
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Detailed Psychic Email Reading 

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