Psychic Parties

  • Your Psychic Party can be in your own chosen venue OR I can provide a venue in Kirkby in Ashfield, NG17 7BB, if required. Please see below for more details.

  • It can be in your own home or a specific party venue.

  • It can be morning, afternoon or evening or part of the day, e.g. 10am until 2pm.

  • Parties can be two to 4 hours long depending on what you would like at your party and on the number of participants.

  • You provide food and refreshments.

  • No alcohol please until party is over.

  • Ideas for your party are as follows:

  • Throughout the party participants will be given the chance to choose angel tarot or angel oracle or other cards and read them for themselves with or without the help of the accompanying booklet. This is great fun and a good way to begin a party and get everyone in the party mood.

  • Mediumship will follow with Animal Communication and Messages From Loved Ones in Spirit. I cannot guarantee who will come through with a message. I may use Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue Mediumship cards for this as a helpful guide.

  • Past Life readings with the use of Past Life oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.

  • Life Purpose messages and readings with the help of Doreen Virtue's Life Purpose deck of oracle cards.

  • The Romance Angels deck can be used for relationship readings.

  • You can learn who is your own Spirit Guide and/or Guardian Angel.

  • Psychometry - holding an object (a ring or watch or bracelet) and giving out a message by tuning into the object.

  • Ribbon Readings - party goers choose a ribbon or a few and I give out messages on their choices. Very informative and great fun.

  • Party goers are encouraged to ask questions about psychic stuff and mediumship.

  • To finish Participants will be invited to practice using dowsing rods. This is a fun way to finish a party.

  • Numerous breaks in-between.

  • For small groups I can read drawings. Party goers will be instructed on what to include in their paintings and I will do a psychic reading of those paintings. You must provide crayons and paper. If I provide crayons and paper then there will be an extra charge for this.

  • I am also able to read car number plates. Do Numerology on birth dates, house numbers and more. Read handwriting and signatures. Just a fun few minutes with these types of readings to fill in gaps and spaces and allow everyone to enjoy themselves.

  • The above ideas can be mixed and matched depending on the number of participants.

  • Maximum number of participants is ten. |Arrangements can be made for larger groups. 

  • Prices will vary so please fill out the contact form below in the first instance.

  • I can provide a small and intimate venue for up to eight people in Kirkby in Ashfield. The hire of the venue will placed on top of the fee for the party.

  • I can also hire a venue for larger numbers than eight. Hire of hall will be on top of the party fee. Food can also be provided at these events and there will be an extra charge for the food and refreshments. Or you provide your own refreshments.

  • Parties will need to be within short driving distance of NG17 7BB and petrol expenses may be added.

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