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Tell - £125

What is a Tell?

You may have heard of a Fortune Teller.

You may have heard of a Teller.

A Teller gives a Tell - in other words - a reading.

For your Tell I will use my Energy Symbol Stones.

These are a bit like Ancient Rune Stones.

These Energy Symbols were created by Dr Silvia Hartmann - founder of The Guild of Energists.

Dr. Hartmann is a human and animal behaviourist, scientist, forward thinker and creator.

As an Energy Symbols Master I am able to give you a Tell using the energy symbols.

I will describe what I see and sense using all of my six known senses and other-worldly senses.

This type of reading can delve into the depths of who you really are.

Having a Tell can be truly life-changing.

I will type out your Tell as a Word file, and also give you images of the symbols chosen specifically for you.

Your reading will be completed within 1 to 7 days.

Please use the contact form below, and let me know what is going on in your life at this time and your reason for wanting a Tell. You can ask as many questions as you wish. Thank You, Barbara 

Email Reading -  £75

When we think of relationships we think of boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife or two partners.

Relationships, on the other hand can involve any number of people.

*work colleagues

*relatives - aunts, uncles, nans, granddads and siblings.

*best friends or people who have suddenly turned out to be your worst enemy.

Whatever relationship you find yourself in that is not working then I can help you sort it out with one of my readings.

Please ask me your questions or tell about what is going on in your life using the  contact form below.

Images of cards chosen will be sent to you.

Your reading will be sent as a word file for you to read at your leisure.

I will complete your reading within 1 to 4 days and send it to your email address.

Past Life 


Angel Card


Angel Card Reading - £75

Your reading can be on any subject.

No subject is out of bounds here.

No question is too hard or too simple for the Angels to find an answer for you.

Your reading will be typed out as a Word file and sent to your email address within 1 to 4 days.

Please use the contact form below to give me your questions or tell me the area of your life that is causing your dilemma at this point.

thank you, Barbara 

Past Life Reading - £75

Learn how your past lives can still be impacting on this life.

A fun reading that may help answer some questions you have had for years.

Past Life Readings can be very enlightening.

Free Reading

FREE Reading 

Buy three readings and and get 4th FREE.

£25 per reading - per month and 4th reading is FREE. 

Pay £75 now

OR use subscription button and pay £25 per month with final month's reading FREE.

Symbol Painting

For You or Someone You Know

I am a Modern Energist.

A Member of The Guild of Energists.

I do Symbol Paintings.

These are energy paintings.

Paintings, Pieces of Art that are filled with positive energy.

If you or someone you know would like a Symbol Painting, a piece of Energy Art that is filled with positive energy, then look no further. 

You do not have to give me their names and you do not have to tell me anything about them in order to have a piece of energy art created by me. It is all done energetically.

Your piece of art will be created by me within 1 to 7 days of purchase and you can then download the image from a link I send you.

You can frame the image or display it wherever you wish or send it to the person you are thinking of who might like it.

Fee £65.

Whatsapp Readings

Whatsapp Readings

text, audio or video call readings on Whatsapp.

I will answer all your questions during the allotted time.

Can often be given on the same day.

Please fill out the form below to make your booking and then use the pay button.

Appointments available at various times of the day, weekdays and weekends and cost £35 for 30 mins.

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